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How much is a new customer worth to you? Most of our advertisers pay for the yearly cost of their ad with their very first sale. For those in the service industry, getting their company truck inside these exclusive communities is absolutely priceless. We are selective about those who are allowed to advertise in our publications, so that our magazines are trusted sources for business referrals. Our publications are full color, high quality, sources of excellent information.

We not only include information that our readers want to keep handy all year, but also include top written editorials by recognized experts in their field. We get your advertisements in the hands of your future clientele. We are more than just a golf publication or a directory of services, we are a guide to living well.

Why pay more to be a needle in a haystack? We are the most cost-effective advertising around. Why pay more per month (to be listed in the phone book) when you could pay less per year to be listed in a publication which targets your area and the customers that you want to reach?

Country Clubs

Our publications offer your members not only enjoyable and informative articles, but also provide a trusted resource for local business referral. We carefully screen each business, before they are allowed to advertise in our publication. This pre-screening process ensures a long lasting relationship between your members and the businesses listed in our publication. Our top-notch articles are written by talented experts in their fields throughout the United States.

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